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Let's Get Your Book Fixed Up!


Person Writing

$0.75 per page

This service is for those writers whose manuscripts another editor has previously edited and who are ready to go to print. These writers just need a final set of eyes to polish the manuscript to high gloss. I will not look for any issues relating to style (except for those specifically listed) or story if you hire me for this service; I will only check for what I list on the sheets. Click Here for the first page of my proofreading chart.

Proofreading Check List

Light Editing

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$2.00 per page

Light Editing – I want to start this section by saying, if you can’t afford $3 a page for Deep Editing, email me. I make this option available for those writers who need a second edit, but no structural work (they think) or for writers who think their plot and characters are in good shape and don’t want to pay $3 a page for Deep Editing. I encourage you to consider for a moment that every word of your book touches your characters and plot. If you’re considering edits at all, your characters and plot need edits too. However, if you really think you don’t need an editor to make structural and stylistic recommendations on your work… If you really think you only need to consider the mechanical aspects of your manuscript… This is the choice for you and I will give you what you ask for. At this level, I will limit my concerns about style and story, but I will check for all grammar, sentence, and paragraph rules; make recommendations for form, to increase readability; and locate internal and external logic problems to improve clarity.

Light Editing Check List



Woman Writing

$3.00 per page

Deep Editing – This service involves many more steps and layers than does Proofreading or Light Editing, in addition to those included in the other services. When I deep edit, I check for mechanical, stylistic, and narrative concerns, so you can be sure that you’ll hand your reader the best possible version of your book. My approach to deep editing is comprehensive and diagnostic — I consider your vision and your manuscript and deliver you recommendations on how to make the two come together with market and reader demands, as well as literary concerns such as theme and message delivery, consistent and meaningful appearance of symbols, character and story development, etc.

Deep Editing Check List

Welcome to Dona's Editing Page!

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